Making Orders


Orders are not made on this site. Below are links to 3 sites for ordering Michael's music depending on whether you wish to order a physical CD, a download, or order from Michael himself. You can also listen to tracks or samples on any of these sites.

1. Quiet Earth: This is Michael's brother's site. One can order CD's or downloads on line from this site. Samples are available to listen to.

2. Brain Gym: Michael's own business site - no downloads available. This site is only for physical, on-line CD sales. This is also the only place where one can order the 30 year Cosmos Series Compilation and Book. Samples are available to listen to.

3. Bandcamp: Downloads only and one can listen to entire tracks. But only the Cosmos Series (6 albums) and a few other CD's are available here.


In General:

Michael’s music is considered to be some of the finest free flowing, deep relaxation music available. While there are some differences between all CD’s, there is a common thread to all productions and that is the free flowing, drifting nature of the music. Listeners often report, right across many of the titles, being transported to other realms, be they realms of relaxation, meditation, sleep & dreaming. In addition, a common area of feedback, is the non imposing aspect of the music, where listeners feel the music floats around, without distracting them from where the mind is placed or from any focused activity. The CD’s are also popular for both repetitive and long playing and great for going to sleep or slowing down the mind or the breath. They are widely used for therapies such as massage, reiki etc. where gentle background music is required. Please email any reports, comments, feedback of your own.

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