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Track Titles

1. Earths Garden - 25.33
2. Green at the Water's Edge - 9.06
3. The Forest, The Tree, The Leaf - 15.08
4. Across the Morning Landscape - 15.06

Total Time 65 minutes

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Earth's Garden

Relaxing music dedicated to the Plant Kingdom that sustains our Planet Earth. Contains Nature Sounds scattered throughout.

This new CD is not as 'spacey' as Michael other recent releases. The gentle strings accompanying the occasional Nature Sounds give it a more contemporary, grounding feel. It does however retain the free flowing nature of his past music making it perfect for relaxation, various therapies or just plain background listening.

Earth's Garden can be likened to a 'soft & gentle symphony', with its undulating strings and passive and subtle melodies.


Comments by michael

Earth's Garden was inspired by my love of being in the bush and connecting with nature. Related to that is also my passion for gardening.

To date most of my CD's have been inspired by the cosmos and therefore have been understandably ' beyond wordly'. Earth's Garden is, perhaps, a little less 'spacey' with more string sounds & general orchestral instrumentation. I particularly avoided those 'other wordly' sounds and concentrated on a more conventional approach to keep the music grounded and more 'earthly'. The result is a symphony of music with occasional nature sounds, but it is an even flowing, undulating and gentle symphony.

Earth's Garden is about acknowledging the Plant Kingdom and respecting it's place as a founding factor in reason for all life on our Planet Earth. We exist and benefit through plants unbelievable diversity and ecological value and importance. It is up to us to ensure that Kingdom of Plants continues to thrive and prosper. Earth is often called the Blue Planet but it being Green is not far behind.