Sound & Light Imaginings Video

A collaboration of relaxing, ambient music by Michael Wild with the visionary artwork of Michael Stevenson-Helmer. The music track on this video is titled 'Beyond the Light Barrier', from the Album: Ascending the Heavens. The artwork is from a series of paintings titled 'Light Pulsations: Revelations of Creative Insight.....'

Andromeda Video

One of Michael's most beautiful and popular tracks has been set to pictures of Andromeda and other galaxies for a visual, relaxing experience.

Andromeda is a neighbouring spiral galaxy that is a huge island of billions of stars. It is very similar to our own Milky Way galaxy and one of the many galaxies that reside throughout the Cosmos.

Pillars of Creation Video

The Pillars of Creation is a track from the album 'Colours of the Cosmos' dedicated to the Nebulae out there in our galaxy and the rest of the universe. Nebulae (plural of nebula) are clouds of gas & dust that are the birth place of stars.

A Musical Journey into the Cosmos BOOK

As a celebration of over 3 decades of albums (by 2016), Michael published a hardcover, full colour book called 'A Musical Journey into the Cosmos'.

This 20 x 28 cm hardcover 40 page book describes the 6 cosmos series albums and all their tracks with full colour pictures from NASA and ESA.

A great visual and informative accompaniment to the cosmos series music.

Explore the Universe of......

  • The Sun

  • The Planets

  • The Galaxies

  • The Nebulae

  • The Moons

  • The Black Holes