Transporting, Ethereal & Ambient Music for Relaxation & Meditation, Sleep & Dreaming, and Travelling Beyond


Michael has always had a fascination for astronomy and the cosmos, which led to studying Science. Also, in his youth, he was captivated by the 'ambient' tangent of electronic music coming out of Europe in the 70's. This led him to develop his own free flowing musical style with an extensive discography of 15 albums.

Michael has also produced tracks for the ABC and music for the creative projects of others.


Since Michael's music is 'inspired by the heavens' (the cosmos), it has, over 35 years, gathered  volumes of feedback about taking the listener on a journey 'beyond'. This journey may mean deep states of relaxation, ventures into creativity or even dropping off to sleep readily and easily. The latter has, unexpectedly, been a prominent feedback of the daily use of many of the CD's. A significant number of  listeners have reported using the music at bedtime for sleep issues with incredible success. It is, perhaps, that the free flowing nature of the music connects with the right brain more. The left brain, of waking conscious aspects, has no structure to hook onto and allows the right brain to take over and sleep soon follows.

Another common comment over the years is about repetitive playing. Many listeners have reported being able to listen to the music over and over again. Some have said their favourite disc has remained in their player for years. Others have described the music like incense, 'just drifting around'. Whatever the case, low volume playing in close proximity to the source of the music suits best.