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Track Titles

1. The Milky Way.....13.20
2. Andromeda.....14.00
3. Galaxy Deep Field.....10.38
4. The Whirlpool Galaxy.....10.16
5. The Perfect Spiral.....7.26

Total Time: 55.50 minutes

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Andromeda Video Link: Listen to a 6 minute excerpt of Track 2 from the album, set to images of the Andromeda Galaxy and other spiral galaxies.

Star Islands


"Outerspace Music
for Inner Space Calm"

Travel 'beyond' with the music of the Galaxies. The Star Islands CD contains what is quite possibly the grandest ambient compositions Michael has ever produced.

Huge & powerful, the galaxies are great star cities. This music reminds us of our own Milky Way galaxy and those way beyond, and in doing so connects us to the far reaches of the Universe.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful CD. We played it at our recent class with amazing effect. It sent chills down my spine.......Magical.....What beautiful music!!!!"
Earl Cook, Laser Solutions, USA


Comments by michael

Galaxies are certainly magnificent & grand. They are islands of stars in space. And while mere specs of dust within the universe itself, they are in fact on our scale of things as big as a universe. They often contain billions of stars like our own Sun. The galaxy that we reside is actually the Milky Way, the band of stars that traverses right across our night sky. It is so big that to travel across it at the fastest speed we are used to traveling it would still take us millions of years to do so.

The mind boggling thing is that there are billions of galaxies in the Universe, making the total number of stars reach into numbers difficult to comprehend. Many of these stars could have planets revolving around them and perhaps, we hope, something Earth like.

Galaxies are often associated with their spiral like structure, but they can come in variety of shapes and mixtures of shapes, the latter often caused by collisions between them, creating evemore star creation. Imagine two galaxies colliding each with billions of stars, yet no two stars ever collide, such is the distance between them!

I simply love and adore galaxies and it has reflected in this CD, which is probably my personal favourite.