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Track Titles

1. Inner Universe - 16.09
2. Transcendence - 14.05
3. Floating - 15.04
4. Dream Journey Part 1 - 3.57
5. Dream Journey Part 2 - 4.02
6. Celestial Choir - 8.31

Total Time 61.48



Serene, floating music for deep relaxation, meditation, massage and other calming therapies. Also very suitable for long playing or to play while going to sleep.


"Star Dreams is my favourite CD. It is so beautiful that I cannot find the words to describe it. While relaxing and listening, I begin to float away so much that the world around me just disappears" 

"Celestial Sounds was excellent, Star Dreams is OUTSTANDING." 
Lindsay Jenkins, 
Music Teacher

"I love your CD Star Dreams. It takes me into very deep spaces and is excellent for relaxation or the 'Dreamtime'." 
Tara, Dolphin Connections, QLD


Comments by michael

Star Dreams is actually a compilation of music produced in 1987 and 1988 that were originally on cassette medium. It has attracted quite a lot of feedback about assisting people in going to sleep and in calming or slowing the breath.

This is also a feedback attributed to other CD's but more so to Star Dreams. Often people describe the breath slowing and the mind calming when listening to my music. Also when going to sleep or similar - the left brain seems to have nothing to hook onto and the right brain takes over and sleep or relaxation naturally kicks in.