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Track Titles

1. Event Horizon - 21.19
Part 1: The Approach
Part 2: The Edge
Part 3: The Crossing
2. Inner Horizon- 13.44
Part 1: Space Time Cascade
Part 2: Bridge To Beyond
3. Singularity - 25.12
Part 1: Collapsing the Void
Part 2: The Next Universe

Total Time 60.19 minutes

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Inner Horizon

Beyond Time & Space

Outer Space Music
for Inner Space Calm

Travel beyond our earthly dimension and explore the boundless wonders of a sweeping inner expanse.

With this album, Michael Wild has created three long tracks of free-flowing music that will transport you through a moving, serene kaleidoscope.

Perfect music for gliding through the inner worlds or just to play, sit back, relax and enjoy!!

" Inner Horizon - Beyond Time & Space' could not have been titled anything esle. It takes you to a place where time stands still. You feel like you are one with the universe and suspended in time and you have feeling of renewed body, mind and spirit" Bonnie - Clairvoyant/Medium

"I just love your music and the latest is just out of this world (Inner Horizon), I love it to bits, and listen often." Sarah Rosewall

Comments by michael

Inner Horizon is my exploration in going beyond our usual dimensions of existence - with music. It is a 'cosmic' soundscape. and music for traveling beyond which at the same time is ultimately for moving through the inner worlds of our being. In this sense this CD can be used for meditation and deep reflection, or just enjoy is background music to our physical here and now.