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Track Titles

Track Titles:
1. Deep Time - 16.51
2. Pangaea - 11.57
3. The Ancients - 7.57
4. New Earth - 14.40
5. Future Time - 17.08

Total Time 68.43 minutes


Transcend Time
(for almost 70 minutes !)

This production by Michael is another textured, ambient & spacey soundscape, this time inspired by our deep past, from the beginning of time to the present and beyond. Specially useful for meditation or late night background listening. Particularly suited to those who enjoyed ‘Inner Horizon’ or ‘Sacred Geometry’, two of Michael’s other CD’s.


Comments by michael

Deep within us is the seed of our past & future from the beginning of time, imprinted with all that has come to pass till now, and all that will be.