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Track Titles

1. Morning Light
One continuous play track.

Total Time: 55.50 minutes

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Morning Light


A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of our nearest star.

Subtitled 'The Sun', Morning Light is dedicated to the power and magnificence of our Sun. It is celebration of it's gift of life and a prayer devoted to those first rays that greet us each morning.

Morning Light can be used to greet the new day with joy & thanks, or to prepare for the coming day as you go to sleep. It can also be used for relaxation & meditation during those quiet spaces between the hustle & bustle of daily life.

"I have to say I found Morning Light absolutely beautiful. Music comes and goes, but each time I revisit yours it continues to have depth and emotion like no other" Peter Butlin ENGLAND

"Thank you for your Morning Light CD. It is being enjoyed and appreciated. My colleagues love it too" Celestina Hogerheyde QLD


Comments by michael

Five billion years ago a star was born - The Sun. Now half way through it's life, The Sun continues to convert
four million tons of hydrogen into energy every second. That single second of energy production is enough to supply our energy needs for the next thousand years. While most of this energy radiates away into space, a minuscule, but valuable proportion bathes our planet Earth, providing the basic sustenance for all living things. Quite Amazing !

As we go about our busy lives in our efforts to survive in our modern world, a miracle of light and energy takes care of us each day, something quite beyond our measure and comprehension.

This CD was my first production for over 12 years. Around 2005 I began to resurrect my musical creativity with new equipment and a new zest and appetite for the cosmos. The result was Morning Light and it is often considered my most 'beautiful' composition. One thing that was different to previous recordings (from 1983 to 1994) was that the new equipment allowed me to record tracks up to maximum CD length and that is what I immediately ventured into. Prior to that 4 track analogue recordings maxed out at just over 20 minutes.

Although this CD is about our nearest star, the Sun, I always had this feeling or sense of the morning - the oncoming warmth, the sunrise and the anticipation, expectation and inspiration of the new day. Inherit in that is something joyous and motivating. Hence the CD came to be titled Morning Light.