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Track Titles

Track Titles:
1. Mercury.....5.26
2. Venus.....6.52
3. Earth.....5.34
4. Mars.....6.58
5. Jupiter.....9.12
6. Saturn.....6.56
7. Uranus.....5.12
8. Neptune.....6.16
9. Pluto*.....8.34
*and other outer solar system bodies

Total Time: 64.46 minutes

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Heavenly Spheres


A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of the satellites of our Solar System.

The Planets CD offers relaxing & warming music that connects us with our nearest neighbours. Each track is both soothing and interesting in texture.

"The Planets CD is absolutely magnificent! This is not music, it is 'art', that is beyond words. Truly sublime and divine. I have been playing it every day, even at work and has an amazing calming effect." Rod Bruten VIC

"Purity, serene spaciousness and peace are just some of the words to describe The Planets CD, Michael's best yet" 
Kizzy Jach, Massage Therapist


Comments by michael

The Planets CD contains 9 tracks that are quite separate and independent as representation of the planets. However they do fit together wonderfully for general listening and relaxation. For some it is their favourite CD. The Mercury track is one of my own favourites. The Jupiter track is grand. The Pluto track is 'spacey' (see below).

Although Pluto was, in recent times, demoted to a dwarf planet and no longer holds the status of the other 8 planets, I did include this heavenly body in the range in respect to past tradition and personal preference. Way out there towards the edge of our Solar System it is somewhat cold & dark, and to a degree the spacey music of the Pluto track reflects this. Whatever the case I did feel good about bringing this seemingly lonely entity back into the fold, and incorporated into the concept other outer solar system bodies (and there are many).