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Track Titles

1. Pillars of Creation - Inside the Eagle Nebula...10.36
2. Falling into the Cosmic Cloud Part 1....10.04
3. Into the Blue (Reflection Nebula)....10.54
4. The Great Nebula In Orion Parts 1 & 2....10.34
5. The Helix Nebula (God's Eye)....12.22
6. Falling into the Cosmic Cloud Part 2....10.04

Total Time: 64.46 minutes

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Colours of the Cosmos


Music Inspired
by the Heavens!

Nebulae are great expanses of gas & dust that are often the birth place of Stars. The colours & visual effect of nebulae are so striking and beautiful that one could easily believe there is a 'cosmic artist' at work.

Colours Of the Cosmos represent the feeling of floating free through the expanses of the these 'nebulous' colours. It is truly a journey into relaxation and dreaming beyond the time and space of our day to day life.


Pillars of Creation Video Link. Hear the full track with the images of the Pillars of Creation nebula and other beautiful nebulae images.

Comments by michael

Nebulae are truly the 'colours' of our Universe. These immense clouds of gas & dust create beautiful cloudy picture scapes that are also the womb of star creation.

The music on this CD has attracted comments such as 'beautiful' and 'calming. It is production that has more general appeal and could be an appropriate choice should someone be unsure which one to choose in the range.

If you would like to know about Nebulae (plural of the singular Nebula) and in particular view some of the fantastic pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope and amateur astronomers I invite you to google some of the names in the track titles. See the Pillars of Creation inside the Eagle Nebula, the star birth in the Orion Nebula and why people call the Helix Nebula, 'God's Eye'. These are just some of the fascinating pictures out there in space - there are many more. I hope you are suitably impressed.