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Track Titles

1. The Sound of Creation - 34.20
2. Genesis - 30.12

Total Time: 64.32 minutes


Sound of Creation

Resonating and relaxing sounds for journeying beyond to the beginning of all things.

Whether or not the universe sprang into being through the enormity of a 'Big Bang' or through the wonder of an 'Intelligent Creation', there did exist a resonance, a vibration or an energy that is beyond all comprehension. The music on this CD is dedicated to our beginnings.

The Sound of Creation has two elements that intertwine to exhibit a different feel to Michael’s other CD’s. Firstly there is Michael’s signature flowing music & relaxing themes. Then, delicately balanced in the background are deep resonating sounds, resembling Sanskrit chanting or deep voice harmonics. As with the vibrations behind the Sanskrit universal sounds, these deep resonations transport us to a sense of our beginnings in time & space. A very special CD.

Comments by michael

How was the Universe Created? When did Time & Space begin? Has the Universe always existed and will it exist forever? These are questions that have excited the human mind for as long as we have existed ourselves.

The beginning of everything has always taken a special place in my desire to understand the workings of the universe. Inevitably this led to a musical expression. To comprehend our true beginning is such a mind boggling adventure, that one turns to what one can truly understand or find satisfyingly & meaningful, and for me that is music.

Sound, in being a vibration itself, and in being mentioned in the Bible too, in Genesis, allowed for a musical journey to creation, to be a clear path. And further to that choosing to marry relaxing ambient sounds with deep resonating textures was perfect in respect to some people's imagery or perception of the beginning (especially in Eastern Religions or Philosophy).

These sounds, rather like Sanskrit chanting or Buddhist monks sounding in their daily routines, make this CD a little different to my other productions. While they do introduce each track, they are however, essentially in the background throughout each track itself.

This was such an exciting CD to produce. I hope you enjoy the journey to the beginning!