Andromeda Video

One of Michael's most beautiful and popular tracks has been set to pictures of Andromeda and other galaxies for a visual, relaxing experience.

Andromeda is a neighbouring spiral galaxy that is a huge island of billions of stars. It is very similar to our own Milky Way galaxy and one of the many galaxies that reside throughout the Cosmos.

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30 year Cosmos Compilation CD & Book

As a celebration of over 3 decades of albums (2016), and an acknowledgment of his unique style of music and source of inspiration, Michael compiled a selection of works from his Cosmos Series of albums, into one CD. Plus he published a hardcover, full colour book called 'A Musical Journey into the Cosmos'.

Both the music compilation and the book are available for purchase but only from Michael, himself. The music compilation is not available as a download.

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What's Happening?

What's Happening? - 2018

Currently Michael has no immediate intention of releasing a new album. He is, however, engaged in composition and production and waiting to see where that ends up.

Tracks may be released for download only.

Perhaps new compositions will be used for someone else's project - if interested please go to the contact page.

To go on the mailing list for any updates & news contact Michael via the contact page.